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Thomas Jermoluk

October 15, 2010

With decades of executive experience in the technology industry, Mr. Thomas Jermoluk is a distinguished veteran of Internet and computer development. Thomas Jermoluk nourished his interest in computer science as a high school student in Hawaii, renting time from the only local computer available and writing code at night under the tutelage of a math teacher. After graduating with a Bachelor and Master of Computer Science and Engineering, Thomas Jermoluk began his career at Bell Laboratories, where he devoted his time to computer technology research and development. Thomas Jermoluk subsequently served as Managing Engineer at Hewlett-Packard Company, playing an instrumental role in the development of its personal computer. After two years, Thomas Jermoluk was recruited by Silicon Graphics, Inc. Ten years later, Thomas Jermoluk left Silicon Graphics as its President and Chief Operating Officer to join the @Home team. Serving as the Chief Operating Officer of @Home Network for a number of years, Thomas Jermoluk established the company as one of the nation’s most influential Internet corporations and a leading provider of cable modem Internet access. During his tenure at @Home, Thomas Jermoluk arranged a merger with Excite, exchanging $7.5 billion in @Home stock in what was the second largest Internet merger at the time. Thomas Jermoluk also secured the exclusive rights to deliver cable Internet to almost 60 million North Americans through 19 cable operators, including AT&T and Comcast. In 2000, Thomas Jermoluk retired from his position at @Home in order to join Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB), one of the most respected Silicon Valley venture capital firms. At KPCB, Thomas Jermoluk used his computer science background to work with some of the most promising new technology companies. Thomas Jermoluk enjoyed working in small start-up environments, capitalizing on the adaptability that they allow. Most recently, Thomas Jermoluk entered the real estate sector with Hyperion Development, a high-rise condominium development company based in Miami.